An exclusive address

History of the place

Discover the calm, intimacy and elegance of Villa Amara, an incomparable space for your private and professional stays. After a meticulous renovation, Villa Amara opens its doors and welcomes visitors looking for a real well-being in the city center. The villa, built in 1852, enjoys an exceptional location. Surrounded by trees, in a virtual absence of vis-à-vis, it shines, enhanced by its convenient access, only 100 meters away from the historic center of Aix-en-Provence, open markets, the most beautiful shops, while preserving its intimate atmosphere. A privileged space to write, paint, compose or simply relax. Villa Amara offers another dimension of luxury.

Villa Amara offers another dimension of luxury.

The Koi Pond

The animation of the garden is ensured by the large family of Koi fishes with, at the head, the orange striped patriarch, more than 20 years old who has fathered generations of baby-Koi. Gazing into the pond both stimulates the senses and calms the mind.

The swimming pool

Surrounded by the Koi Pond and vegetation, the 5x9m pool, all in deep black, offers swimmers the feeling of escaping into a secret lake. For athletes, the "endless pool" function extends the limits of the pool to infinity. The pool is treated with oxygen, sand filtering and UV lamp for the purity and stability of the water, with a minimum of chemicals.

A haven of greenery

Three of the oldest trees in Aix-en-Provence preside over the Villa's garden: two majestic plane trees estimated to be 350 years old, as well as a large magnolia tree surrounded by myrtles 3 meters high, creating together a natural screen of intimacy for swimmers and guests.

The setting

The unobstructed view from the Villa is surprising, given its central location in the City of Aix. The gray-glass pavilion, covered in summer with morning glory and vines, houses the prestigious Bruzzo-Dubucq law firm and protects the garden from the activities of the cours des Arts et Métiers. All the windows of the pavilion overlooking the garden are covered in opaque film to preserve the Villa’s privacy.

A sober and refined décor

Three luxurious apartments, from 50m² to 70m² all equipped, have been furnished and decorated in a refined and minimalist style to offer a haven of peace, refinement, and discretion, reserved for an adult clientele. Whether you choose the Imperiale for its Asian style, or the sunny Estivale or the Secrète, dramatic in black and white, you will be seduced by the soothing energies of each one.

The place of Feng Shui

"Traditional Chinese Feng Shui determines the interaction between an external environment (relief, mountain, water), a place (location, direction), and the people who live or work within the space and through the passage of time". At Villa Amara, the decor can be seen but the most important part is felt. Everything -- the location of the swimming pool, the orientation of the beds, the routing of the electrical circuits, the optional cable-access to the internet, the choice of colors and forms -- contributes to the circulation of an energy beneficial to well-being. Luxury defined by the invisible.


Hot beverage, freshly squeezed citrus juice, croissant, bread, butter, almond butter, 100% fruit jams, natural yogurt and fresh seasonal fruit make up the Amara breakfast. Available in the pedagogical kitchen, it can be taken in the privacy of the apartment, on its terrace or in the garden of the Villa.

Private lounge & kitchen

At the heart of the Villa, a private lounge and an pedagogical kitchen are the elegant and functional theater for beautiful moments of sharing between friends, between colleagues, around a cooking class, a tasting, an evening celebration or professional gathering.


Natural soaps and bath salts made by a renowned local perfumer adorn the bathrooms. In the kitchen, organic and top-quality largely organic products: salt, pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sugar, tea/herbal tea bags, coffee capsules. For the cleanliness and tranquility of the interiors and the convenience of pool use -- black terrycloth slippers.

Push open the doors to natural luxury