Mindfulness meditation

To continue on the path to well-being

Mindfulness meditation combined with Raja Yoga helps cultivate a capacity for concentration and emotional equanimity that supports all areas of life. Villa Amara offers Raja Yoga classes based on Deepak Chopra's method on Wednesdays and Thursdays. You will learn to listen to your body in order to gain strength, balance and energy.
It is also possible to take private lessons on your own or in small groups.
Raja Yoga par Yoga Amara

Meditation sessions

Every Wednesday and Thursday from 6.25pm to 6.55pm, we offer Mindfulness Meditation sessions to all Amara Yoga members before they start their yoga class. These sessions are scheduled over 4 cycles. An ancient practice suitable for all levels, meditation has proven its legitimacy in many areas (including health and well-being) and brings countless benefits.


Annual Meditation Pass: €50 (including €20 membership fee).

Scientifically proven effectiveness:

As a host of studies have shown, regular meditation offers numerous health benefits. According to this research, meditating for half an hour a day allows you to : • Manage stress • Strengthen your immune system • Reduce anxiety • Improve your relationships • Create inner peace • Awaken your intuition • Lower your blood pressure • Become less critical • Improve your quality of sleep

Introduction to meditation

Trained in California, New Zealand and India, and certified by the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, Yoga Alliance and Ashram Yoga (E-RYT-500), Lilli has been teaching Raja Yoga, mindfulness meditation and Yoga Nidra since 2009. Inspired by the teachings of Deepak Chopra and Swami Satyananda Saraswati, she takes great pleasure in introducing anyone who is sensitive to these practices to them and accompanying them on their path to self-improvement.


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Raja Yoga par Yoga Amara